two socks. too fuzzy.

Well folks...

...they are DONE! My fastest pair of hand knit socks yet.
(not counting the baby socks i knit last week.)

I love, love these cozy socks.

Minus one little flaw...

I chose the wrong yarn.

it's pilly. ugh.

I have had them on a total of 4 or 5 hours and already they are PILLY.


soft? yes.

gorgeous red? yes.

good stitch definition? yes.



Oh well. Live and learn.

pattern details

pattern: improvised

yarn: from my stash - Lanas Puras Melosa Fingering
color : : passion

needles: one long US3 circ & set of 5 US3 dpns

started: May 21 2010
finished: June 1 2010


Anonymous said...

Pilly is rather pissy isn't it? I LOVE them though!! Good job speedy sock knitter. I KNOW you've never been called that.

Rachel said...

thanks mom (yaya)

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