scarcth, scratch, scratch.

yes this is a long post... humor me. It was one of those mornings.

Did you all know that I live in a house with my aunt? Well I do. She is downstairs in her cute 2 bedroom suit and I am upstairs. It has been a great experience so far and this month marks our one year roommate anniversary.

I bet you won't guess what our anniversary present was.

You never will...
(unless you scrolled down. And if you did you should feel ashamed of yourself. Are you one of those freaks that reads the last page of your book before you start it too? sad.)

Ok... i digress...

Here we go.

Michele woke to scratching at her window in the front window well. So she did what most tired people on there day off would do.

She put in her ear plugs.

But that little thing did not oblige.

Thing: "hello Michele. I know you want to sleep. But NO. I want you to save me! NOW!"

scratch. scratch. scratch. scratch.

Michele: "no"

Thing: scratch.

Michele: "no"

Thing: scratch.


Michele: OK! OK! FINE!

So she came upstairs to find me where I always am at 9:30 am. On my computer. She told me that there was a creature scratching at her window and that it must be stuck in the window well.

(shivers to my spine and screeching noises came from me like never before... think final episode of Modern Family.)

Well she was right. It was a terrified little baby possum.

So to make a short story long...

we called our neighbor. (He has been trying to catch a mole that has been digging up his garden and I figured he would know what to do. or at least not be terrified by a poor scared baby possum.)

I was right. He brought his moral support, his adorable wife, and they quickly swooped it up using gloves and an old towel. Next thing I know it was scurrying off into the bushes.

And this was all before 10:30am this morning.

And did it require 3 mugs of coffee?
maybe not.

But did I drink them anyway?

Yes. Yes I did.



Anonymous said...

Oh my gaaaawd! He is so cute!

Not You said...

can't help it...


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