not so "afterthought"

I guess an afterthought heel, in true definition, is one that you knit at the end….

as an afterthought.

But being the impatient knitter that i am…

these babies got heels as soon as i could possibly manage to slip some dpns in place of my scrap yarn. I think they are looking pretty good!

And if I wasn't already proud of myself for sticking to this project without getting distracted by another...

I decided to knit up the heel in reverse stockinette stitch to match the body of the sock. I really like the way that it looks with this stripy yarn better than the standard st st. The tricky part was the kitchener stitch in reverse… but I think it worked perfect!!

ps. can you tell these progress pictures are from my bed last night? no place in the house better to knit! am I right? You would have found me knitting while watching Singles... oldie but a goodie.

OOOH! and happy Memorial Day. I wish you all happy memories and sun breaks in this overcast day. Well that's only if you're in my neck of the woods. For all I know you could be sitting on some beautiful veranda in 80 degree weather sipping a margarita with a fancy umbrella in it. So if that's the case... cheers! can I come visit you?

Decoded lingo for you non-knitting readers:

dpns - 5 double pointed needles. 4 slipped in to the round you are knitting and one left over to knit with.

afterthought heel - knit in a piece of yarn where the heel would go. after sock is finished replace scrap yarn with dpns and knit in your heel just as you did your toe. magic!

kitchener stitch - 2 needles with stitches divided evenly and one needle to close together those stitches where a hole once was. Traditionally used at the toe of a sock.. but can be used on an afterthought heel (and other tricky spots if you're so inclined).

stockinette stitch - the fabric created from knitting when you knit on the "right" side and purl on the "wrong" side.

reverse stockinette stitch - opposite of above definition.

st st - the abbreviation for Stockinette Stitch.

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:) ...i dig the end of this blog.

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