Fall is back, and so am I.

I'm feeling myself again these days. 
My sweet boy turned 1. This age is so fun!!
But what I've noticed the most about this milestone is that
there is a new found independence... for both of us.
Oh sweet alone time! I've missed you!

I have my short hair style back. Long hair....
what was I thinking?
I'm not a long hair gal.
Glad I finally figured that out.
Wash and go... Much better fit!

We moved.
The girls are loving their new school.
I'm enjoying exploring new parks, the adorable library,
new stores and neighborhoods.
T is closer to work which makes for more
free family time and less crazed traffic time.  

But my most excited fall epiphany?
I'm feeling my design bug back in full swing.
Yarn, coffee, pumpkins and smiles over here folks!
I've got design ideas coming out my ears.
I've been sketching up sweaters and accessories over the past 8 months.
But, finding time to knit them up was a challenge
with my little guy in need of a huge wedge of my time.
Now that he's napping regularly, playing with his sisters
and walking and dancing all over the place
I have some open pockets to fill with clacking needles and luscious yarn.
Oh happy day!!


Another Wee Baby Sweater

This one fit the little guy as a newborn. 
It's super tinny and I just love it!

There are little 4 stitch cables everywhere.
On the top of the sleeves...
down the placket...
under the sleeves...
down the back.

Too many you say!?
Can you really have too many cables people?
I think not!

Designed By: me
Yarn: Sock Stash (can't remember brand)
Needles: US5


I Love Elbow Pads

Hat and Sweater Set

Size: Newborn
Designed by: me
Yarn: Malabrigo Color: Pigeon
Needles: US5 & US7

I posted this awhile back when I finished it.
But... the pictures were with my phone and did not give accurate color.
So here it is again.

I loved making these and Holden has worn them a TON!


If you're still reading....

I have a little guy to (finally) introduce to you!

Holden was born September 14th, 2011 
6lb 13oz  :: 21" long
He is such a sweet, good baby. He is sleeping 8 hours or more a night and just goes with the flow.

I made a ridiculous amount of things (knit and sewn) for him over the last year so I will post all these fun projects over the next couple of weeks... Including the suspenders he is wearing in the picture.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm NOT ready but super excited to decorate a tree, hang a wreath and possibly get some stockings and lights up in the next week or so.
Stay warm! 


Charley Harper

I framed a Charley Harper print for the wall above the crib.

And because I'm on a craft/nesting kick… I made some matching Crib Bumpers too.
Kind of a lodge theme going on. I love the clearance fabric I found and the colors
are so beautiful with the white and dark wood contrast of the crib. 

excuse the grainy iphone shots. better pics to come.

love these prints! thanks for introducing me Mom!

I have been going crazy sewing these days… so more to come on those projects soon!

Only a couple more weeks to go before I am off for 12 weeks.
I'm looking forward to time at home with the girls and getting everything
organized for the little man's arrival!


Interweave Fall 2011

Fav pattern 1 - angel fire jacket

Fav pattern 2 - canyon cardigan

These are my favorites from this fall's issue
What are yours?

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