Reversible Shrug progress.

My friend Lindsey came over with her son today.

He took a pretty long nap so I gave Linds a refresher coarse on knitting while we watched the latest Project Runway by way of Hulu. We covered cast on, knit stitch & purl stitch. She took it up again so quick and is off to a great start on a cozy scarf.

They just left and now I'm working on finishing the first sleeve before I go pick Olivia and her friend up from school.

*side note*
Using such giant knitting needles is fabulous people!! This shrug is coming along so fast!

In other news...I finished my worsted weight version of the little man beanie with brim this morning.


I like it even better than the finger weight one. I don't have modeled pictures yet. But going to nab those this weekend!

1 comment:

gay said...

i LOVE the shrug so far and i am trying to knit from stash so i am sad i have no malabrigo in mine!

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