What inspires me.

It's not often that I am inspired by knitting patterns and pattern photography. Well that's not totally true.... of coarse there are times. I have a pile of favorites in Ravelry. And then there are the projects that people knit, taking a pattern not their own, and turn it in to something almost unrecognizable from the original designer's pattern and it turns out beautiful.

(oh boy. I may regret that I even brought this up... yikes.)

Stay with me... I have a point.

Issara by Anne Kuo Lukito

What I mean is...
Usually I come across a sweater someone else has knit and it inspires me to knit it too. But I never would have thought about it if it were not for someone's interpretation... be it the yarn choice or a brilliant modification or breathtaking FO picture.

Rarely do i see a pattern that fits my personal taste in yarn, design, style, and something I know that I will wear for years. I'm not blaming the designers or the photographer or even saying that it's not a beautiful design. I'm saying it doesn't fit MY style.

Stratocumulus bu Cheryl Burke

So I get pretty excited when that happens! Twist collective came out with their latest collection and there are some really beautiful and creative patterns!

There are a handful that caught my eye and inspired me to start a new project. The yarn and design both excited me. And beyond that, some photography that I really enjoyed.

Red Oak by Julia Trice

Thank You To the Designers and Twist.


Anonymous said...

Drooling on ALL the sweater designs. We should do a knit-together on something wonderful when I get out there.

I hear you on the design sense. I usually just disagree on the color because I just like earthtones mostly. I shouldn't just knit everything in tan, brown or black. Kinda silly with all the lovely colors available but that's what I like to wear.

zephyrsarah said...

the collar on that first one is verrry cool!!!

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