Dear Campfire,

We love you.

Your glow as the sun goes down, the deep comforting smell that hugs everything. We miss you and can't wait to spend another weekend circled around you. Thank you for sending your perfume home with us... in our bags, on our blankets and twisted around our strands of hair.

Over the next few days, loads of laundry and showers and baths will wash you off. Please forgive us, we would keep that lovely smokey camp sent but all things must come to an end.


Gabriela said...

I want!!!

I want a lot!
And i love your poem too :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you girls for making our camping trip better! Who knew that an I phone, cheap wine and a campfire could equal so much fun! You and Lulu are our forever camping buds.

Your loving dirt napping Aunt

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