I like kombutcha.

Sitting and swatching for a new project. This is one of my favorite stitches! When I knit it up two tone I love it even more.

No big plans for the day. Working, knitting and drinking some yummy Townshends Kombutcha from my friend Lindsey.

What does your Tuesday look like?


Caroline said...

I love Kombucha, but they stopped carrying it at the local natural food store I go to because...wait for it.....they don't have a liquor license. Can you believe that??? You'd have to drink at least 100 bottles to even get a teensy buzz. Might as well pull old bananas off the shelf as well. BOOO!

Anonymous said...

I want to know what you are knitting (it looks mauve..it isn't Mauve is it????. I like Kombucha. I used to buy it at the boulder farmers market but I don't know the one in the pic.

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