Project #2 Finished

There is something really satisfying to me about simple stitches in wool. I find it beautiful to wear and overwhelmingly comforting to knit. Seeing as how I just spent the last 3 days nursing my bug to health while being sick myself, it's just what the doctor ordered. Cozy in bed with tea, juice, chicken noodle soup, lu's favorite bunny and this comforting repetitive knit.

This scarf has been in and out of my hands for awhile now. But it's done and I really love it. I have some beautiful red wool in my stash and I think I should bust it on a second version of this really long cozy scarf.

yarn:cascade 220
needles:clover bamboo US4
started:mid january
finished:march 3/2010
pattern:my own

ps. my bug is back in school today and feeling so much better. Today I am over the urge to shove something giant into my nasal passage while poking my eyes out, so I guess i'm feeling better then yesterday. ; )

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