dance. It's not a choice. GO DANCE.

Sometimes i have to remember to dance.


The best time to dance is when you don't want to. When, for a few moments (or days) things get blurry and and you can't see yourself the way those that love you do.

when you think,

"there is no way on God's green freaking earth that i have any good reason to shake this ass.
All i want to do is dig a giant hole and climb in and fall asleep for a few days."


life has to go on and you can't leave dirty dishes in the sink any longer.
So if this is going to happen...
the cleaning...
the life going on....

it's GOING to happen with music.


you put on the music.
you start to hum along.
you start to bounce.
you are now distracted enough from whatever it is that SUCKED earlier.

and now your dancing.
the real kind.
the kind that makes you smile and laugh.
the kind that helps you remember that life is good.
My kid is fabulous.
And everything is going to be


kitchen dancing.

back in focus.

the end.


joyq said...

YES. Yes and yes.

brendabee said...

That's my girl. The strong and classy one who refuses to be a victim of her low times. She believes the song in her heart and trips to the beat. Right On! P.S. You are a great blogster poet.

Sharon said...

it is not a pretty thing when i "dance" (and i use the word loosely) so i have to think about that one...

lenore said...

Hey Rachel, it's 5:30am on a thursday and I don't have to work. SO i get up anyway???and I read your blog. You are freaking amazing. Creative, thoughtful, beautiful, and a poet to boot. So glad to have you in my life. MWAH

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