this week's stuff.

Parking stuff.
I did not realize that meeter maids had super powers. Seriously i was in and out in 5 minutes and got back to my car with no sign of life but a $40 parking ticket. (yes... $40.)
Are they invisible or just Really Really fast?

Life stuff.

Missing my family more than i have the capability to express in words.
(I was not gifted with story telling like my mom and sister. So I take pictures.)

Job stuff.

Freelance work and job hunting. Keeping busy on my portfolio so I can keep up with the ABUNDANCE of other Portland graphic design job hunters.

Nourishment stuff.
Grocery shopping. LOVE TO COOK.
HATE, Hate, HHHAAATTTEE grocery shopping.

Money stuff.
Paying bills that I wish I had the guts to flush down the toilet.

Which lead me to remember the days I had lots of that
cash stuff
and spent it like I was flushing it down the toilet.
So glad I have learned that lesson (among others)... and SO looking forward to my 30's...
I'm a much wiser Rachel now!

Kid stuff.
Picked sick Lu up from school early yesterday.
Night consisted of up-chucking kiddo,
then laundry (of coarse),
cuddling with kiddo,
and list making in hopes of catching up on things today.

Which reminds me...
clean toilet.

Knitting stuff.
It's slow going but happy to have progress on my current project.

Store stuff.
Updating my store with some hats very soon. One of my favorite things about living in Oregon... I get to stretch out my hat and scarf wearing till June and then swap them to evening camping attire till fall hits. It's the little things.

Dream stuff.
Trying to remember to keep my dreams big. To not let myself get discouraged.

"go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
live the life you have imagined."
- henry david thoreau

This is my favorite quote that I keep on my resume, refrigerator, computer desk....

...better add it to my bathroom.


Sharon said...

aaaaah, poor you! what could be worse than hurling? nothing. hope that's all behind you and that things look up over the weekend. the knitting looks great by the way...love it. happy easter!

joyq said...

music: on. Loud. It helps. DVNO. Look it up- its like a legal drug!

Food idea:

I buy you food, you cook it. I think communal living is in order.

And I can't believe you dated Eric!!! Best taste in men ever!!!!

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