Project #9

Video message for you! Don't get too excited... it's my first one here and it's not all that informative or entertaining. Hold the phone! Wait, I forgot... you do get to meet Lu's fish bubbles and hear about my sister's late crocheted present... so that's worth it!

Wow, on second thought maybe this video thing is a silly idea. But on the other hand it did get me to Project #9. So watch the freaking video. AND LIKE IT!

Nice to meet you bubbles! from Rachel on Vimeo.

ps. if you have not yet watched Food, Inc you need to! It's important!
Then (no pressure) knit my Moreland Market Bag and buy locally and at your farmer's markets. OK, i'm off my soap box now.

The End


Anonymous said...

How totally fun was that. I mean it felt like a present to ME. Bubbles is beautiful..killing your tv is awesome and watching what you put in your mouth is worth concentrating on. You come from parents who care about that tremendously. Keep making movies..love them. yaya

ellybeth said...

yeah seriously, don't even eat the veggies - salmonella! that movie freaked me out too for at least a good 12 hours. then i got hungry. and ate a cheeseburger.

also, i love good earth tea. like want to marry it, love it.

Not You said...

Wow, I couldn't post videos of myself... (I've tried)

anywho, Food Inc was scary. You might want to check out King Corn, it was much more enjoyable (to me at least).

Anywho, keep it up stranger!


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