happy and bright

I had to slow down on my knitting due to some other work that I needed to attend to this weekend. So today is designated "catch up day." Hopefully I make some progress on the 2 projects I'm working on. The market bag in it's new shade of neutral wool is knitting up so soft. I really am liking this version more than the first. But I have been leaning towards more of a neutral palette the last few months... where i use to go for the screaming colors. I'm making progress on a short sleeved sweater. It's the left/front... I'm experimenting with a new construction technique and am really looking forward to putting it together. I hope it wears the way I am imagining it will. The yarn is Cotton Classic, a mercerised cotton, in color 3559. 

Oh yeah, those flowers are in a hanging basket on my front porch. My roommates boyfriend nabbed those yesterday for us. They make me smile. I think it's the purple color... all happy and bright!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your next post!! I love seeing the creative art your imagination leads you too...Post more when you can, we'll be waiting to follow it :)

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