After a few false starts with stash yarn choices
I finally landed on this color combo.
browns, grays.


Being that I'm not a seasoned crocheter....

I realized after 12 rows in... 

that I was doing the fan portion of this pattern all wrong. 


Oh well, I'm learning something new so that makes it a little less painful.
 I am really happy with this color combo, but if I had the cash flow I'd 
go buy the yarn pictured bellow... 

I just love that gray and green together!

Did you all have a nice holiday weekend?
The weather wasn't ideal here... but 
the time spent with family made up for it!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

1 comment:

zephyrsarah said...

whoa, you did a LOT!! it looks beautiful and i LOVE the brown/grey stripes!! i wanna make one so bad, might have to just go for a rainbow-y scrap yarn version because my stash is pretty worthless these days... but i've got quite a few singles!

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