I'm back... I think...

Goodness gracious it's been awhile, eh? 

If you're still following along.... bless your heart

The last few months in a very small nut shell...

Holidays full of fabulous family visits.
My sweet Nana, who taught me to knit, passed away to be with her love.
Website goes down for awhile.
Re-kindle old friendship. (in "paris")
New full time job, yay!
Which means new wake up and after school schedule for Lu and me.
Old roommate moved out.
New Roommate moved in. (yay)
Some knitting.
Some cleaning.
Some cooking.
Some card playing.
Some cuddling with my almost 7year old. 
Order a birthday cake.
(Liv's bday is feb. 2nd!)
Website goes back up.
2011 is definitely at a new pace. 
But I'm so fabulously happy!

More to come: current knits, pictures, and as always - my random rants as they choose to spew out. 


zephyrsarah said...

you're back, YAYYYY!!!!! :)

Twisted Knitter said...

So sorry about your Nana! I'm glad you're back -- I had just started reading you when you disappeared.

Lisa said...

My sympathies to you and your family for the loss of Nana. Her memories live on and you can always find her there.

Welcome back and congrats on all the good stuff. We'll let the not so good stuff quietly exit stage left.

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