picture via the sartorialist

I'm fashion dreaming this morning.

1) I want to go to London.

2) I want to wear this dress & boots even if I don't go to London.

3) If I can't have the dress can I have the boots?

4) for free?

5) How about the hair? Can i have a cute "i so didn't try to look this good" bun up do?

6) Ok. fine. Can I go to the grocery store in the same jeans i've been wearing for the last two days with dirty pinned up hair and a smile on my face even though inside i'm fighting the fact that I hate grocery shopping even if it's Trader Joe's and Olivia loves it and can find the hidden monkey and pick out a piece of candy while I bag my groceries and try to figure out how long I have to sit on my butt between unloading them and starting dinner.

Back to the real world.

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