I got kicked out of first grade.

First day of school pictures. They have to be done. I want the memory and the ability and pleasure of looking back at every year and seeing how much she has grown! See her last year... she was so tiny... a sweet excited new kindergartner.

Now look at her.... This face says, "I so don't have time for this picture thing mom. Ummm... don't you know it's my first day of school and this is the LAST thing I want to be doing!"

I don't blame her... i kinda go bonkers with my camera. There are two pictures here but if you saw how many I actually took you'd be frowning at the camera too! hee hee

In the end we made a deal... she smiled her real "I'm happy today" smile as long as I didn't take the camera to the class room. .... oh, all right! Deal.

But that's not all... as soon as her name tag was on and school supplies in place... she kicked me out. Yep... already... first grade and now mom's gotta go. I was sure I'd be able to hang out on the first day of school for a bit at least to 4th grade. That's a big fat N. O.!

I love you Olivia and am so proud of you. You are such a great friend, creative and energetic student and an absolute light to be around. Go get 'em big girl!!

Ps. in All it's Oregonian charm... it rained for the first day of school. Why am I surprised!?


Anonymous said...

The pictures of Olivia are absolutely stunning! You also have some very nice knitting to show. I love the orange sweater.

Rachel said...

Thank you Becky!

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