Well folks, it happened. I finally got to meet my dear new friend Joy. We have been chatting via facebook, our blogs and emails for what seamed like years.

But Friday we made it happen for real and had a blast.

We have tons in common and not just things to talk about or liking the same things. We talk about all these things the same way... it's crazy and cool and weird. But mostly just really cool.

Oh and guess what??

...her awesome husband Brett... was my boyfriend in high school! OK.
That does sound more weird than cool... but i promise it's great.

Olivia met her 3 kids and kicked it off with her two girls brilliantly. Joy and I caught up on the last 25 years of or lives in a matter of a few hours while they played. Really... we talk fast. it totally worked fine to talk over each other at shocking speeds!

I arrived just about 30 minutes before Brett left for work. So we got the chance to talk as well and I gotta tell ya, having these beautiful people in my life is a Joy!

budum bum.

Check out Joy's blog here. She is so funny and adorable. I know you will snort your coffee out your nose in delightful fits of laughter as you read her family and life stories. No? Well that's how I rate a good blog read.

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joyq said...

I can NOT believe I didn't see this until now!!! The other day was amazing- My girls keep asking when "live live" is going to come back! ha ha:) Sooooon!!!

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