fall progress.

Fall is going to be here

(especially in Oregon)

before we know it.

So i'm trying to embrace that by preparing with something fun.
Meet the progress on my new sweater.

The color reminds me of a campfire on a summer night!
So it's not all windy, rainy, fall motivation.

And the best part... It's knit on size US 10.5 needles.
mwah ha ha!


zephyrsarah said...

oooh, love the color and the collar!!! perfect for fall, i bet that color will look gorgeous with your dark hair!! :)
can somebody please lett me why i'm knitting on size 5's?!?!!!!! ughhh.

zephyrsarah said...

*tell, not lett... hello dyslexia ;)

Rachel said...

Haa haa... thanks sarah!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! Excellent job rach!!
Great idea with the collar..yummy warm and snuggly and hides the chicken neck for those of us in the 50 year old range. :-)

joyq said...


Nicole said...

Oh how I adore the collar and the colour! So, so pretty!

leyla said...

please please please, let's not get ready for fall yet. I'm afraid if we get ready for fall, it will actually show up, instead of just giving us a little hint (like yesterday and today) and then going back to summer.

I guess if we absolutely have to get ready for fall, your sweater is a pretty way to go about it... :)

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