China Doll Update.

Livi has a very specific idea about what sweater i should be making. It's pretty cute.

red, check.

mandarin collar, check.

wrap like a kimono, check.

So far so good. phew!

I just slipped what's done so far on Olivia last night and the sleeves and chest fit great.

Not too big, but roomy enough that she could use it as a jacket this fall.

I'm loving this stitch. I've used it before in two tone on a sweater that I was designing but never ended up writing. It has a woven look on one side and seed stitch on the reverse.

Being that she wants it to be "a red Chinese sweater mom!" I'm thinking I want to add little Chinese Frogs for the closure. Like this...

...in a bright color or just a simple black. Haven't decided yet.

Slowly but surely this little number is coming along. I have some fun ideas in my head to embellish and make it more cozy. Stay tuned... it's going to finish up looking completely different!


Anonymous said...

yes..yes and yes and oh...yes!


Gen said...

It's gorgeous - I vote aqua frogs... but it's so beautiful already I don't think you could go wrong :D

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