I got stir crazy yesterday.

and hair color was on sale for 5.99.

pro: my hair is one color.... aka, the same color as my roots.

con: not sure i like it and with summer around the corner it's going to fade like a bitch.

oh well.


tanya said...

You made a good blonde...and you make a good brunette. I've been all three (redhead, too). I think my Indian name is "plays with haircolor."

Embrace the change!

Rachel said...

been red head too.

love the Indian name... ;)

I can SOO relate! Thanks tanya

blue moss said...

it looks so great!!!! (but you looked great aa a blond too)
i got my hair colored right before we went to the beach and i was the dork with scarf on my head trying to keep it from fading.....
gave up 1/2 way thru the week :)

Not You said...

Cute. heh

zephyrsarah said...

LOVE it!!! :)

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