Two socks. TWO!

I'm so bad about finishing socks. I make one and then never finish it's mate.

All I have are lonely socks.


But today folks, today I finished a PAIR!

Can I get a pat on the back? A hi-five? A Yippie!!!?

Thank you.

These lovely man socks are for my wonderful fabulous handsome supportive funny and talented beer brewing dad. I love you daddy!

pattern details

Pattern: improvised/my own
two socks knit at one time on one long circ

Yarn: Simply Shetland lambswool and cashmere (2.5 skeins)
color : : mallard

Needles: Addi US3 circ

started: September 2008 (i know, pathetic!)
finished: May 21 2010


mkonieczki said...

HIGH FIVE! I'm jealous! I stay away from socks out of fear I will never finish a pair... I did by a book with the "two-at-a-time" technique, but haven't cracked it. Have you ever tried 2@time?

Rachel said...

Hey thanks!

And yes.
I actually did these socks two at one time on one long circular needle!

Not You said...

How about a huzzah...


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