sara and julie.

Sara O'leary is the author of the BEAUTIFUL book Where You Came From. I bought this book for Olivia last summer at Powell's. The story is absolutely enchanting. Its simple and clever and became my favorite from the moment I picked it up.

But as much as I love the story... the reason I picked it up in the first place was because of the illustrations. Julie Morstad is an amazing artist and did such a magical job with this book.

(the images pictured in this post are from her personal website not from the story I linked above.)

This morning I tracked down her personal website and was blown away by her collection on-line.
Take a look at her other books... the alphabet one is just as beautiful!

On my list of "to-dos before i die" is to illustrate a children's book. What an inspiration Julie is to me!

1 comment:

zephyrsarah said...

i am in love with this artist.
i want this one
and this one
and this one
and and and... ;)

i'll have to get my hands on the book now.

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