I can do fashionable/homeless.

Frolic (if you haven't been to her blog you should so add it to the list of reads) posted J.crews fall preview.

yes i realize that it's spring and then we have that thing called summer... if it ever makes it's way here.

But being that i reside in Oregon, spring feels a lot like fall... if you squint your eyes and make the cherry blossoms look like gold leaves.

so anyway...

I scooted my little tooshy over to the slide show at style.com to check it out.

It's hard for me to look at fall fashion and not get ABSOLUTELY swept away by the excitement of layers in gold green and red. Yum. Fall is my favorite time of year for so so many reasons.... but that's for a later post.

J.crew is on to something with this...

I adore the

colors and layers

and hair and make-up

and shoes and hats.

and even more that they have rid their color pallet of
lime green, light yellow and crap loads of PINK.

Even if j crew fall 2010 slightly reminds me of a fashionable homeless bag lady....

still LOVE it.

post inspired by frolic - images via style.com

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