spring showers.

It was a bit chilly and wet... but Lu and her friend had so much fun anyway. Here are some pictures from our outing Monday to the Rose Garden.

if don't move maybe the crazy lady with the camera won't see us.

....just look away...

green grass - brown leather - cozy day

pretty dainty daffodils

happy pink blooms

sugar and spice and everything nice
(Lu left, Cass right)

I love moss. it's weird i guess... but i really do.

garden girls under a canape of spring green

pondering fountain

"hi" cute squirrel. i'm gonna name you earl.

don't smile. your face will crack.

giggle giggle snort c r a c k

1 comment:

lenore said...

I love moss too! So much nicer than nitrogen sucking grass. Softer too.

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