smile search.

So i'm having a bit of a gloomy day. Not a ton of smiles rolling off the old face today, as you can see.

But when I came across mistybliss's picture of her daughter on flickr it cracked my grumpy mug. Thought I'd share... in case you needed a slap in the face smile too.

Originally uploaded by mistybliss

Happy Tuesday.

Happy spring break, if that's your thing this week.... it is for my Lu.

Happy knitting if you're in to that. I've been working on an oldie but a goodie the past few days.

Happy snapping if that tickles your pickle.

Happy crafting if that's what floats your boat.

ta ta

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joyq said...

feeling bad I missed this blue day- I could always tell you some embarrassing story about myself and cheer you up? And I am feeling like the fact that you found my tattoo artist means we might be sisters- just saying.

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