holy mother of giant giraffe toes!

What the hell happened to me last night?

I'll tell you.

I took a shower.

went to bed with wet hair. (yep, i have curly hair y'all)

and slept like C R A P.

So now this is what I look like.


God I hope not!


Sharon said...

you are such a hoot! that's what i look like MOST days...at least for you it's only one...one of the kids i taught in sunday school asked his mom why my hair stuck up all the time!

Not You said...

:) Muahahaha!!!

joyq said...

BEST. POST. EVER. Rock that curly hair woman! It's fabulous!

zephyrsarah said...

oh my, this made me smile and giggle! i'm pretty sure you're the only other person i've ever known who's hair gets as absurd as mine if slept on wet ;) love the photos!

Anonymous said...

It's All your dads fault!!

lenore said...

Yep, it is your Dad's fault. I know. I have the same wet head slept like a dog, snored like a goat, and look what I have on my head now, hair. Only mine is a really muddy brown and yours is ..well..gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny Rach =) Agh, these pics crack me up!!

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