happy paddy day.

Here are a few of my favorite (green) things via etsy.

when i was a little girl i always wanted the flowery-fairy-crown-things that i saw at the art fair.

this would sooo spoil my inner ballerina royaly.

cemetery moss drop
i *heart* this BIG time.

owls and beards... yep. cool.

rosebud necklace
so sweet with any happy sun dress or spring tank.

pretty green journal
hand grafted yummy-ness... gotta love a special leather house to hold all your
deep dark secrets. no?

Hope you all have a happy sunny leprechaun day!


Anonymous said...

Bearded owl...yes..flower crown..yes..you always asked for one..why didn't I buy you one?..I don't know..didn't you get a wand instead?? Binder for brainy inspiring thoughts..yes again. tear drop with moss..ditto!

zephyrsarah said...

i must have that cemetery moss drop. seriously.

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