been virtual house lusting.

had my coffee & breakfast with livi here.

my new vacation home. (need this one)

my "i have a maid and am never messy" home? (love this one, but not practical for me AT ALL.)
can't you just see family night around that hovering fire place though? sigh.

after a long day of house hunting i decided to take my honey out to eat and dancing.

in this

then I heard this

back to the real world.
time to cook dinner now.


Andy Quirks said...

haha. i love this post and i love your blog. i daydream about these things too!

will follow!


Sharon said...

how clever are you!!?? too funny and I love the BIKE and the dress!

Lulu said...

aw this makes me happy! =]


joyq said...

SO I might be addicted to your blog. And I virtual house hunt... daily. Its really true. Love the vacation home. Lets go in on it together.

Rachel said...

that's OK... cause i check yours regularly.

it wouldn't be that embarrassing if we joined blog stalkers anonymous?

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