Best kid EVER!

** momma gushing follows... just a warning!

Yesterday I was up early, first one up to start the day. While I was in the shower miss Lu woke up and decided that she wanted to help me out... (I started a new job yesterday) So she cleaned up her room, some things in my room and made our beds. When I hopped out of the shower she couldn't wait to tell me what she had done. She gave me a big hug and said, "mom I wanted to help you cause I want you to have a good first day." I think my heart exploded all over her cute little face. What a doll!

ps. so Olivia pulled on this blue wound up scarf last night. They were not necessarily intended for kids... but I think it looks adorable on her! (cell phone pics)

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Meredith Wright said...

She is so cute! I think I want one of those! : ) I went to Zephyr Style and just realized that you weren't there anymore! Glad I found your new site and looking forward to your new patterns!

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