Two things!

First things first... a gift for YOU!
I illustrated each month of the year for your very own Color Me 2010 Calendar. For those of you that still need a calendar or if you just like coloring books, here is your very own. Just hit the link below to download. Print. and let the coloring begin!

SO, I have a feeling I'm going to regret actually placing this as proof in blog land. But here goes...

I've decided to set a goal for myself. And it's to create one thing per day for each day of the year and post it here. Starting January 1. (Well technically i suppose I could say I started today with the calendar. But that would be a big cop out!) It can be knit, sewn, crocheted, stitched, glued, painted, colored, cooked, scrapped, recycled... well you get the picture. Pretty much anything as long as I made it with my own two hands.

This is a REALLY big undertaking but if I plan ahead I think, I think, I think I can actually do it!! Well I'm going to give it a valiant effort anyway. The process will teach me to think outside teh box. It will encourage self motivation and planning ahead. I want to include my Lu to help me which will keep us spending good quality time together in the coming year and will help to develop all her create juices! Overall IT will be a good thing for me to do. Something that I have to stick to. FUN! (easy to say now, i haven't even started)

So if anyone out there actually reads this silly thing, please check back and tell me what you think of my little creations and let me know if you make any of them. Any encouragment would be fabulous.

Thank you and here is your link to the calendar.... HERE

**Just a reminder:
The calendar is for personal use only. All original text, illustrations and logo are Copyrighted and property of Rachel Bishop. Thanks so much!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea. Let's all join her. I am always an advocate of doing something big and outside of yourself EVERY year. This year it's a half marathon AND reading War and Peace.

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