The last time I f****ed up my hair...

...trying to fix my blond color.

At home.

By myself.

My dear boyfriend went to the store and bought me a box of brown hair dye and all was better.

I should have learned my lesson then! But on I went feeling happy with my new brown hair. After I got bored with that I had my hair cut OFF. I mean really short. But I LOVED it. Then every time she (my last stylist) dyed the color it kept getting darker and darker and eventually it was black. I let that grow out a bit and then got bored with the color. SO I added highlights on my own. They actually turned out really cute! But when it was time to freshen them up... I *&^%$# up the color, again.

I don't know what it is about me thinking I can do it on my own. I know that I like to change my hair and that's great. I know I like to not spend hundreds of dollars I don't have doing it and that's great. The thing I can't seam to get through my thick skull is that if I want to go from dark to light or even medium to light.... ok scratch that!

If I want to go lighter than the color I'm rockin'


So last week I tried to fix my roots at home. I didn't want to do highlights I just wanted to slap on some color to the roots and have a solid blond head. But by now in this post you are smarter than me 1 week ago. It turned a yellow orange and the rest of my hair was, well, let's just say "not good."

I was able to land an appointment with my new favorite hair stylist and sported hats the rest of the week. (I didn't just go buy brown hair dye! See, i am learning a little, just really slow.) I give her the story on why my head looks like a polar bear's whizzed on fir and she says, "oh rach, don't worry, we can totally fix this." She's AMAZING! She put a great toner on my head and next thing i know my hair is one pretty color. I love it. It's really light and now really short thanks to her magic scissors and I LOVE IT!

The best part is that I don't have to get the roots done for about 8 weeks (cause she said the grow out will be really cute, i'll let ya know when that comes around) and it will be a lot less expensive than a weave touch up ever was.

*above - the pics black and white... but I want to play with my hair a bit before I shock you all with a color picture. "Wahooooo" for an affordable fix and cute new short cut!!!

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