Happy Red

I bought the Vogue Fall 09 mag a few days ago. I'm not usually a fan of the vogue knit issues ... however, i am a sucker for the interweave and can't wait until that is on stands tomorrow!

OK, back to Fall Vogue! There is a 2 part article on "top down knitting" by Jared Flood... so now you know why I bought it. But beyond that there are some really great beanie and beret patterns!!

The one that caught my eye the most was the eyelet cap by Cathy Carron. I'm half way through it and am loving it! I'm using Knit picks Elegance and so far am happy with this VERY affordable yarn. I'd love to be knitting with a Malabrigo but my pocket book only can dream of those days for the time being. So I did a stash buster and chose this vibrant red to burst myself into fall.

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