dig, plant, water

My roommate bought these 2 plants while we were at the farmers market. They will be planted in the back of the yard next to the fire pit (we don't have a fire pit yet but will by the end of summer) so that we can fill in the space and make it more inviting and cozy. I love planting flowers and growing herbs... it makes me smile just thinking about it! And because of my good mood the last few days I have made nice progress on the Moreland Bag (top pick). I already made my way past the knit in (no seaming needed) casing for the rope ties. Actually I'm even farther along than this picture shows. More knitting for me this morning and then I will be taking a break to pick up my lulu! She is getting back from visiting her dad since last friday and I miss her terribly! I can't wait to give her a big squeeze. Oh... and that yummy yarn.... that's madelinetosh worsted in the color rosewood. I haven't figured out what i'm doing with that yet but it's divine, isn't it?

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