may 5th

my desk at work

i'm first up in the house

no clean towel (how come even when all the laundry is washed there still is never enough towels. does anyone else have that problem?)

woke my sleeping Livi Lu… "i can't get up mom." rolled over in her pink blanket.

showered without washing my hair, cause it was blown strait yesterday and i'm as low maintenance as possible folks!

thought about the day ahead and how much i wanted to be with family instead of going to work.

"livi please get up. I'm going to get breakfast going for you."

toast. peanut butter. banana. vitamins. water.

"livi, honey, it's been 30 minutes. I know it's tough but ya gotta get up girl."

Walk out the door after saying good bye to the fam… with hugs and kisses…
success… livi is up and eating! 

drive to work with a coffee in hand.

run over an already dead cat… probably 'cause i was following the car behind me too close. yigggggggg

dad. sister. mother. brother. hospital. baby. daughter. love.

another rainy day. feeling out of control but very loved.

1 comment:

zephyrsarah said...

i wish i could go to work for you, i would. think your boss would go for it? ;)

the last two lines of this post made me cry a little, happy and sad tears. you are amazing and i love you.

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