test knitters?

I am in the process of releasing some baby/toddler patterns. 
So far I have 3 to send out for test knitting with more to come. 

I will provide the yarn if you can provide the shipping back to me and your time. 
After the item is modeled and photographed I will send it back along 
with the final professionally printed pattern and a special thank you gift. 

If you are interested or have questions regarding this process 
please email me.

Thank you so much!


zephyrsarah said...

3?!?!! this is so exciting! i wanna knit baby things :)

Lisa said...

I'm ready and waiting for the stuff to arrive so I can get my baby knitting mojo on!

Katie said...

If you still need testers, let me know!

Rach said...

So Sorry this has been delayed. Hopefully everyone got the update email regarding this. Still planning to send out yarn and patterns but have been spending time with family (my dad has some serious health issue) and have put my knitting on hold for awhile.

Thank you everyone!

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