Good Friday Indeed!

yummy carrot and zucchini muffin

latte from my spot in the neighborhood

squishy project :: color - cove :: that is intended 
to wrap a squishy babe

It's sunny and going to be even nicer tomorrow. 
Ahhh, sun! please stay awhile!


zephyrsarah said...

you clever girl. took me a minute, but i just got the good friday bit ;)

i have to say yours is looking like a pretty good one, i want the rest of that muffin, you gonna finish it? the latte you can keep ;)

and more squishy baby goodness, YAYYYY!!!
and SUN, YAYYYY!!! we should do something fun in the sun together!!

gay said...

indeed it was a good friday to me too! i don't work fridays so they are all good friday! oh and btw congrats to you on the baby boy on the way, it has inspired you i see!

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