I knit this 1 lonely mitt for my Dad the Christmas of 2008. 

Larus + Ardea by Spinnity

Yep... that's right. 2008. 

And I never the knit the second one. 
What a horrible daughter I am! 

So last night I pulled out the 2nd one that I had already started and 
I'm on a mission to get him a finished set in the next couple of weeks. 

I really do love this pattern. It taught me the technique of 
(which i'll have to re teach myself considering it's been 2 years) 
twined knitting which goes 
by the Swedish term "Tvåändsstickning." 

Lovely, right? And so fun too!

I'm falling back in love my yarn choice!
This pattern looks even more intricate in Noro yarn 
because of all the subtle color changes. 
I'm really excited to get going on these again! 

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zephyrsarah said...

oh, i remember those! so beautiful!! we went on a noro spree! that was the same year i made those really cool ribbed mitts that i was going to give to my brother and knit 2 more pair for my sisters... but instead, i kept them for myself and never knit more. yikes that hurts to admit, i'm, horrible too!! ;)

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