Remember my rant last March? Well let's refresh your memory.
(and bring to attention that i've been very lazy about taking good pictures the last few days! 
That old picture of taco soup puts my new one to shame. sheesh.)

Yesterday was a taco soup kinda day. 

Yum Yum. 

And the day before was a veggie soup kinda day. 

And the day before that was a chicken noodle soup kinda day. 

I think if I feed my daughter home made soup tonight 
she will kick me in the junk.


zephyrsarah said...

yeah we are!
we ate taco soup last night too, and that zucchini/white bean/tomato/veggie broth soup i make the two nights before!!
soup is in the air ;)

Lindsey said...

You can make me soup anytime you'd like. You little domestic goddess.

Rach said...

hahahah! Thanks Linds! love you!

Jennifer said...

So glad I stopped by - the shawl is lovely, the soup look fab! Jennifer

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